Jul 12, 2022

Hot Mess = Success July, 2022

I am determined to get caught up with my card making commitments.  Life has been a little too full the past few weeks, and my amazing friends understand that. However, I don't want to abuse their generous nature!

Today is posting day for our Hot Mess = Success cards! This is the brain child of our dear Kelly. The idea is to create a card while getting messy. 

Way outside of my comfort zone is GLITTER.  To me, it just has messy written all over it.  Inspired by Carol, who has glitter and glitz in her veins, I decided that it was high time to tackle glitter!

Here's my card.

Please overlook the poor attempt to hand cut the brown card stock as a layer behind the glittered medallion.

Card stock is old Stampin' Up stock. The ribbon and gems are from my stash.  All other components are pictured here and can be purchased at Taylored Expressions.  

Stencil: Mandala (a clear favorite of mine)
Glue: Glitter Grab 
Glitter: Cookie Monster

I used Scrapbook.com's "All Purpose Craft Scraper" to apply the glue over the stencil.  It takes some practice since it is different than applying other mediums.  Then I removed the stencil, popping it immediately into warm soapy water.  Holding my breath (literally) I shook out the glitter, patted it gently into the glue and WALKED AWAY. Hahahaha.  Returning later to shake off the excess.  Then walked away again for several hours before attempting to brush off stray glitter.

Then I hand cut the edges and really wanted the dark brown accent behind it. Not satisfied with any choice of die cut panels I hand cut the border. Now I wish I would have just used a die cut shape. Oh well.

Will I try the other fantastic colors of glitter from Taylored Expressions?  You bet!! Will I use Glitter Grab? Yep! 

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kiwimeskreations said...

WOW Darlene this is gorgeous - love the glitter and the blue/dark brown combination is stunning.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Darlene, this is stunning! You probably remember I am not a fan of the mess glitter leaves, but I sure love the look! Your card is amazing!

Barb said...

This card is stunning! You might now be the Glitter Princess, following in Queen Carol's footsteps. Love this--way to go!

Carol W said...

Oh my goodness Darlene. What a beautiful creation. Standing O for you glitter....great job. Hopefully it didn't add any extra stress. This is just wonderful.