Sep 25, 2011

My First Post! it is.  At last.  My first blog post!  My female human took so long to get back to this project that I had almost given up hope.  Humans are exasperating but rewarding pets. Life would certainly be dull without them.

Here are some pictures of the star of this blog - ME!  I am a 3 year old Lovebird named Bijou, which is French for jewel or gem.  I think it's appropriate, given my blue, white and violet coloring.
I have to warn you though.  I suspect that my female pet will be hijacking my blog on occasion.  She can be troublesome but I love her anyway.

Hmmm, what's going on over there?  (I have to keep a
close eye on my humans.  They can get into trouble so easily.)

One of my favorite places is the long poster tube on top of my cage. 
This "Foxy" character seemed to want it also,
but I successfully defended my territory.

Sheesh!  Can't I get a little privacy after a bath? 
I just wanted a little snuggle with my rubber duckie.