Aug 15, 2020

10 Year Anniversary of the Dueling Darlings!

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the Dueling Darlings! Our leaders, Jeanette and Kelly have really outdone themselves with games, prizes and other fun things in our thread on Split Coast Stampers.  Thank you for all of your hard work!

Kelly sent us all kits - and for a fun twist randomly assigned everyone to a team.  I am normally on the Dazzlers Team, but this month I get to be an honorary Diva!  Ha ha ha.

Here's my ticket and assignment.  I decided to use some of the kit elements to jazz it up a bit:

And here is my card:

This card is a bit over the top but hey - it's am important milestone!  I decided to add the party blower and some of the yellow crinkle filling that Kelly used to pack our kits.  Unfortunately, I ended up covering all of the ADORABLE papers she sent to us!  

Be sure to hop on over to all of the blogs or galleries of the other Darlings and admire their work!  Links are in my side bar.  Get hoppin'!

Aug 12, 2020

My First Hot Mess!!

I have been invited to join a group of friends on Split Coast Stampers and participate in a monthly challenge: "Hot Mess Success".  Each month on the 12th we are to post a card that we made which was messy during creation.

This is another way for me to stretch my creativity because when my card making gets messy, I get anxious and usually start over.  Strange that other hobbies like cooking or gardening can get quite messy and it doesn't bother me one bit!

Anyway...Here is my first Hot Mess:

The stamp and sentiments are from Club Scrap's July, 2020 kit, "Prism".  The crystal and "sparkle" sentiment were heat embossed using Ranger's Black Sparkle embossing powder.  

The crystal and the blue background panel are on watercolor paper and the messy part was using Brusho Crystal Colour.  This is my first card with Brusho's.

Here are a couple of pics showing what I did:

The green panel is my first attempt.  The image is embossed and then I painted water on the sections, and sprinkled turquoise, then yellow Brusho powder.  

The colors weren't covering the way I wanted so I tried adding more water with the paintbrush. Yep, you guessed it - green was my end result! Hahahaha.  So I tried misting with a spray bottle just to see what would happen.  Interesting lesson for the future.

The red and yellow one is my second try, after fussy cutting.  This time I made a small palette and painted the red and yellow onto the paper. I was much happier with the result.

Here's the background panel using turquoise Brusho paint. I sprayed the water color paper thoroughly with water then sprinkled on the Brusho, waited a while to see how much it would migrate on it's own.  Then I sprayed a bit more and was smart enough to quit while ahead!  Both the crystal and this panel had to dry overnight.

Day 2, I fussy cut the crystal and decided that I needed more sparkle!  Out came the Stardust Finishing Spray by A Muse Studios.  Holding my breath that the colors wouldn't run on the crystal image I lightly misted.  Some of the red bled onto yellow but not too bad and I was happy that more sparkle was added.

These were left to dry overnight.  Day 3 was assembly.

Below is a picture of the finished card at an angle to show the dimension and some of the glimmer from the finishing spray.

I had a blast doing this and still have some stains on my hands and one fingernail to prove the mess that I made!

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Aug 1, 2020

Happy 10th to the Dueling Darlings!

Ten years ago today, the Dueling Darlings were formed!  I was invited to join some years 2011 I think...

Kelly sent each Darling a packet with 3 felt banners which we were to use on the front of a card.  The concept is that together they would make a long banner representing our friendships over the years.

This is what I came up with:

I think that I may be disqualified as I now notice that her instructions said to only use a sentiment on the card...I decorated the banners with hearts and butterflies.  hahaha, sorry Kelly!

At any rate, we sure have been through a lot over the years - weddings, births, passings, divorce, baptisms, kicking cancer, relocation, job changes, retirement...The funnest I think is becoming Grandmothers!

Check out the other blogs and Galleries to see what the other Dueling Darlings created to mark this anniversary.  Here's to ten more years!