Jun 22, 2020

Welcome to Summer Mini Card Camp-Day 2!

I'm so glad that you're here!  Welcome to day 2 of Summer Mini Card Camp!  

As The Camp Counselor for Tuesday we are going to make our own Designer Paper.  I'm showing 3 options but you can do your own original idea or pick one of mine.  

We begin with a bit of a scavenger hunt around your home.  Look for items that you can ink up with water based ink (that way you can wash off the residual ink).  

For my tutorial I used the following:
  • A piece of rubber gripping mat for under area rugs
  • A nylon laundry bag with small holes
  • A piece of bubble wrap (the kind with small bubbles)
Go search and see what you come up with!

My other supplies were:
  1. 3 bright non-alcohol ink pads.  I used Stampin Up's Melon Mambo, Mango Melody and Emerald Envy
  2. 2 colors of coordinating card stock 
  3.  White card stock
  4. Foam pad for stamping
  5. Make up sponges or some other way to transfer ink to paper.  Sponge daubers probably wont work, you want to get it really inky
  6. 2 nesting dies, largest should be around 3.25 x 2.25, ovals or circles in that general size range would work.
  7. Images or sentiments that fit within the smaller nested die cut
First I'll demo the bubble wrap. Lay it out flat, and I used an 8.5x11 card stock.  I inked the bubble wrap with the stamp pads. (I was worried that using sponges might color between the bubbles, but if you have success, let me know!  Press it down with your hand being careful not to move the paper to avoid smudges.  Lift the paper carefully and admire your DP!
Close up of the crinkly pattern...I'm
thinking all red for Christmas...!

Here's your new Bubble

Now for my personal favorite - the laundry bag!  Place your foam stamp pad inside the bag, cover with a piece of scrap paper if needed to protect the pad from ink.  Put your card stock on top of the pad.  I taped my edges of the laundry bag to the counter to keep it from moving.

Ink up those sponges and go to town!!  Here are some photos to help you get the idea (but I think you get it!)

I found it helpful to tape the edges
of the bag to keep it from moving.
Bottom up inside the bag:
foam pad, scrap paper, card stock. 

3 Inks sponged on, holding bag securely
Carefully remove polka dot DP from bag

My mind is racing with the possibilities for this...such fun.

Ok, so my last one has a lot of potential, but I'm not thrilled with how my attempt ended up. I will definitely be trying again.  
I cut a piece of rubber rug gripper mat, cut it into a heart shape, then sponged ink onto it.  Then I tipped it over onto white card stock and "stamped" with my 

My first attempt didn't imprint very well, so I re-inked and tried again, being careful to press the edges of the heart. 
Feel free to stop here with a DP that you've created and make any type of card that you like!

Here's what I did with the bubble wrap and the laundry bag DP's:

Each were trimmed to 4.5 x 7.5 inches.  These are horizontal cards so score the 4.5" top to bottom at 2 7/8" and 3 7/8".
Fold the score lines:

Open the card stock flat and place on your Big Shot cutting pad.  Place the CENTER of your larger die on the 2 7/8" score line. Secure with post it note.  Place edge of top cutting pad even with teh 2 7/8" score line and run through your cutter.
Center of die and cutting pad
lined up on 2 7/8" score line

Run through cutter, LEAVE CARD STOCK IN PLACE.  Shift the cutting pad to the other side and line up the edge with the 3 7/8" score line.

Line up edge of cutting pad with
score line at 3 7/8"
You will NOT be cutting the one inch space between score lines!

When you're done you will have a swinging panel as you open & close your card!

Cut the 2 nesting dies using your matching card stock.  Glue to swinging panel. Nest the smaller die cut with your image or sentiment onto the swinging panel. There you have it! A Double Swing card!
Line up coordinating die cut
Only tape this coordinating layer
up to the 3 7/8" score line

Line up your large die cut with the swinging panel.  

Here's the important part:
only tape it to the LEFT part of the swinging panel (from the 3 7/8" & left)

Flip your card over.  Then using a second matching die cut, layer the other side. 

Layer the smaller die cut with your image or sentiment to the front and the inside of the swing panel.
Front sentiment panel

Inside sentiment panel

Here are my two cards: 



Thanks for hanging in with me through the long post!  I hope you try one of these ideas - or even better - use it to spring board to your own idea!

Be sure to jump over to the other Camp Instructors and admire their work!

The line up of camp classes and instructors this week are:
Monday/June 22 ~ Kelly @ Sandcastlestamper

Tuesday/June 23 ~ Darlene (me!) 

Wednesday/June 24 ~ Jeanette 

Thursday/June 25 ~ Barb



kiwimeskreations said...

A wonderful tutorial thanks Camp Counselor Darlene - and fabulous results too - love your strong colours on the background papers you created, and the swing card sentiments are hilarious.
Stay safe

Barb said...

WOW--what a tutorial! You are an A+ teacher for sure. This is such a fun card and I will get out some items to try out this afternoon! What a great card--I love the colors you picked too!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Oh my goodness! You've made this such fun, Darlene - scavenger hunts, ink-iness play, and awesome results, too! Your tutorial is very detailed and helpful, as well. Thank you!

Your card is gorgeous, too!

MiamiKel said...

Darlene! A bath mat!? Whodathunk! That is so fabulous - and your background pieces are just amazing! I love the colors you've chosen - they really bounce off of each other so well. How fun this fold is (the first time I've tried it that I can remember!) and it just made your class super fun and interactive! You rock! I hope to take another camp class with you again in the future!

Carol W said...

Wow Darlene. I love this. Will have to try soon.