Feb 28, 2012

I Am Gifted with the Liebster Award!

My wonderful friend Barb (barbaralynn on Split Coast) has named me as one of the recipients of the Liebster Blog Award!

I am truly amazed, since being such a newbie to blogging, I hardly even know why she would do such a kind and thoughtful thing.  However she did!  Isn't that just like her?  Thank you Barb!!  Check out her wonderful blog here:

Well, it seems that I am to pass this award along to 5 others.  So...I am so pleased to pass this reward along to the following talented crafters who have enriched my life.  I urge you to visit their blogs and leave them some well-deserved love!

1.  Paige
2.  Joan
3.  April
4.  Shelly
5.  Lynn

Please take a few minutes and visit each of their lovely blogs, admire their wonderful creations and leave them some love!  They deserve it!!



Barb said...

You are welcome!

jimlynn said...

Thanks SO MUCH Darlene! That's so nice of you!