Jan 7, 2012

Bijou & Lou Enjoying a Sunny Winter Day

Well, it's been a little hectic around here with the holidays, work, and all the other things in life that seem to eat up every minute in a day.  But, so many of you are kind enough to ask after Bijou and Lou, so I thought that I would give you a little update.

Lou has been with us for 3 weeks now.  She has loads of spunk and doesn't pay Bijou much mind when he gets irritable and thinks that he has to be in charge!  Today is a warm winter day (almost 50 degrees!) and they are on one of their favorite play cages basking in the sun and napping after a little romp in the bird bath.

Here's Lou ignoring grumpy Bijou.
Lou showed Bijou how to take a dip in the little pool on top of their play cage.  With all of the sun streaming in the window, she just knew that it was the perfect opportunity!  I tried to get a picture, but every time they saw me get close they stopped and got out of the water.  Guess I was invading their privacy!  Ha ha.

Bijou sunning in the window, trying to nap.

Bijou watched Lou carefully, eventually he decided that it looked like great fun, playing in the  water.

When Lou was done, Bijou went in for a little splish-splash.  Then both spent the  requisite amount of time preening and fluffing their feathers.  (See his back?  All new feathers!  Hooray!)  

Then it was time for a little lunch and a nice nap.  I played with this photo for a while, but the sun is so bright that Bijou is washed out on the bottom there. 

Here's another shot where I tried to adjust the camera settings.  Bijou is giving me the evil eye - "I'm trying to sleep, crazy lady.  What's wrong with you?!"

Well, I'm off to get inky while they are occupied.  I'll be back here in a bit if I get anything created.  


jimlynn said...

Bijou looks like he's sunning himself in that one photo! Too cute.

Barb said...

Great Pictures Darlene--looks like they are enjoying the sun as much as we all do.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Darlene, I'm so glad you shared some stories and pictures of the life of Lou and Bijou! They are both gorgeous and I'm glad they seem to be getting along okay, in spite of Bijou being a little ummmmmmmm... a little grumpy, did you say?

I'm also excited to see Bijou's feathers have grown in! YAY!

April said...

I must say the Bij and Lou might {almost} convert me to a bird lover ~ they are socute!! I am glad that Bijou is letting the new feathers grow in!!

Janet said...

Bijou & Lou are SO cute together!! I think Lou has learned how to figure Bijou out! Smart Lou!!
I'm glad Bijou's feathers are growing back!

Shelly Schmidt said...

How fun to see your birds- I would love to bask in some sunshine like that today- it is so cute seeing the pictures and the birds taking in the sunshine! It would be fun to see them dipping in the pool too. Have a fun creative time!

~Paola~ said...

awww...such sweeeetttt pictures!!
Soooo lovable....both of them!!
So...did Bijou adapted well with a new (and veryyyyyyyyy cute!) companion?? .....and how'Lou doing ,being the new addition and all??? They are both sooo adorable!!! ♥♥