Nov 15, 2011

Dueling Darling: What Not to Wear!

It's the 15th and time for another round of the Dueling Darlings!
See the lists of Divas & Dazzlers on the right of my page? Those are links to the two teams of Dueling Darlings from Split Coast.  This month's challenge kit came from Jeanette and Kelly and the theme is based on the TV show "What Not to Wear". 

Here is Jeanette's kit for the Dazzlers.  That's right! 
The most uncoordinated collection of papers, embellishments
and a fun image!  What to do...what to do???

Here's a close-up
of the fun image:


Well, after stewing on this for a few days I decided to just go for it.  The challenge was to use these items that Jeanette herself described as "atrocious" together!  So, I threw out any notion of coordinating these disparate styles & colors and challenged myself to use everything from the kit!

I started with coloring the image, going for a loud, raucous friend in a designer dress and her somewhat amazed & more conservative companion.   I added some background of flowers continuing the 60's feel of two of the DPs.  
I gave her a fluorescent yellow and pink dress, red hair and a purple, pink and yellow hat!  Yikes!

Then I decided to make a double gate fold card so that I would have more panels for each of the DPs.  From there it just sort of flowed together.  I kept saying to myself, "Hey, just go with it!" Know what? It started to feel like when you were a kid and just wanted to use it all, not worrying about whether you should use everything! Ha ha, know what I mean?

Here's the finished card,
folded & tied shut. 
Here's a look at the front with the bottom
"Listen Up" & top image rotated
out of the way so you can
see the papers underneath.

That's right.  The buttons
are not lined up straight.
Definitely a fashion
No No.

Bijou eying the buttons from my shoulder.
He just LOVES to play with bright buttons. 
(Doesn't my boy look scraggly with the missing feathers?)


Here's the card opened up so that you can see the inside panels.  For the center I used two different DPs and a sticker.  

Hmmm.  By now I was really in the grade-school mode of "let's use it all"!  So I added two more stickers to the center back panel:

Here's Bijou, supervising from his tree in my unfinished stamping room.  

Well Jeanette & fellow Darlings - I'm sure that you managed to work these various elements together into a coordinated project!  And I can't wait to visit your blogs and see your handiwork.  Me?  I was just happy that I used some of everything with just two exceptions: some ribbon and a key.  But maybe I should go back and find somewhere to add those...after all, more is...MORE! LOL

The other part of the challenge was to post any pictures of ourselves in an outrageous outfit from "back in the day".  I don't happen to have any photos from my youth, but I do remember this black & white knit hat, that came to a point above my head.  It had little black pom poms down the center back, starting from the tall point.  It was as ghastly as my card is today and I would take it off as soon as I was out of my mother's eyesight.  Often forgetting to put it back on before coming back home from school. Oh my, that hat was really bad and I HATED wearing it!  I figure that my parents' payback was when I was older and mini skirts and boots were in style!  Ahhh, youth.

Be sure to visit the blogs of my fellow Darlings! Links are listed to the right. 
Hope that you got a chuckle out of this creation today!

OK, it's not from my childhood, but from the late 80's - and it's Christmas morning, so I don't have my contacts in, just me BIG glasses on! LOL, just look at those window panes I'm wearing!  (I went back & dug up something funny to post)


Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Darlene, I love Love LOVE it!!! Definitely... "More is.... MORE!" Your card is a fabulous show of everything mismatch that works together for a faantastic creative card! You rocked this duel! I thought your coloring of the image was especially fun, and adding the flowers was a perfect touch!

I love the pictures of Bijou, too. Makes me wonder what he was thinking of your creation. LOL!

Wish we could have seen you in your gorgeous hat. Tee Hee!

Thanks for participating in this month's fashionable Duel!

:: BlueInks :: said...

Well my friend, I think you were a smashing success on using all items! Listen up! That just cracks me up.

For a minute there I thought that Bijou had buttons in his tree! LOL

Your glasses are a classic! Thanks, for sharing.

Barb said...

Darlene--what a great challenge we all had and you sure did a great job with all of the lovely items!

I think that image is so funny--and I like the flowers that you added.

I love the pictures of Bijou and of you on Christmas morning.

April said...

Yeah! Big glasses rule!

I like your card.... I enjoy the fact that you could feel like a little kid again and go for the more is better theme! Woot Woot!

Melina said...

I love the flowers you made on the image! wonderful! I love different shaped cards! This long card is great!
Love the pics of Bijou and your pic in glasses! I had a pair like that!!! was in then! :)

jimlynn said...

LOVE IT! Not only is the image cute, but everything else is too. Love the little background flowers on this.
Love the photo! Isn't amazing how things change over the years.
And Bijou is adorable. Love that photo of him in the tree. What a cutie.

JRB said...

Of course, I love your fantastic:
Why, the fold,
Why, the color,
The major reason Bijou.
I'm posting

Em said...

You and Melina were play the same game! Nice idea of this one! Very colorful! Bijou is so cute. I wish I could pat him.

Terry Ladwig said...

What a great fold you used! I don't think I have ever seen that before!

Love the card, the extra colors you used and all the goodies from the kit that made it into your creation!!

Like I said on April's blog...I know my glasses in the 80's were bigger than yours!!

Janet said...

Darlene, I really like how you did your card!! That fold is so neat!
And I'm surprised Bijou didn't try to remove anything from the card!!

paige said...

What a fun post to read and you definitely met the challenge with flying colors!

Carol W said...

Wow,wow, rocked this...look at you go girlfriend. Your card is amazing and the love your story and Bijou is adorable even without some of his feathers...what a treasure...What a fun challenge and you knocked this one out of the park...well done...

Laura said...

Look like you played with some Fun colors and you did a great job with them.

~Paola~ said...

Oh myyy Darlene...this card totally looks like it was a lot of work to create and it all 'mesh' so well together! I absolutly love what U did w/ the fun image adding all the festive colorful flowers U sure brought me back to 'peace and love' era....Very cleverrrr!
I loveeeee it also when U add pictures of sweet darlin Bijou...he's soo adorable!!! :o)

Shelly Schmidt said...

Oh how fun- we should do something like this in out group! I love your card- the image and paper all look great on your project! Oh yep, I had some of those glasses with ginormous frames as well!

MiamiKel said...

WOw, look at y0u - you went above and beyond with this kit! SUper card creation - and look at Bijou - that is an amazing tree! What a blessed birdie he is :)

Miss Amber said...

LOL.... Funny image! And I love the colors!

Marilyn said...

Great work Darlene! I checked out the rest of your blog and you are going to make a mighty fine blogger... both you and Bijou!