Nov 8, 2011

Cards for Barb's Santa Swap

Now don't faint from surprise, but I am finally coming back here to update Bijou's Blog. Bijou has been feeling a bit sad since coming home from Joanne's spa.  So we have bought some daylight lamps, a new taller cage and made some other adjustments to his life so that he gets lots more direct sunlight, more fresh cooked food, etc. and we'll report back on his health & condition.  But, fingers crossed, so far, so good!

Meanwhile, I got busy on my friend Barb's Swap: "Big Guy in the Red Suit".  I have a few Santa stamps, some elegant & some cute.  But those that know me know that I am a complete D. Morgan fan, and own many of her stamps.  Sooooo, I decided to take a chance and use one that I particularly like for Barb's swap.  It may be a bit different, but hopefully she and others in the swap will like what I made.

Here's the front of the card.  It may have been better to make it an A& size, but I kept with the traditional swap size so it would fit in the participant's return envelope.  Her writing is hard to read in the picture, so here is what it says:
"Dear Santa,
Are you the same dear man
I knew so long ago?
Does Mrs. Claus still mend your suit
And pack your bag to go?
I knew the bells on reindeer hoof
And felt the snow crunch on my roof
I ran to peek in at the tree
(That breathless little child was me)
How marvelously jolly round
You stilled my heart without a sound
How quiet you were beside the tree
You drank the cocoa there from me
Now with values rearranged
Please don't tell me you have changed
Does Mrs. Claus still mend your suit
And pack your bag to go?
Are you still the same dear man
I knew so long ago?"

Here is a close up of the card top
 The image border has been sponged with chalk then a thin coat of Crystal Effects has been painted over it.  The moon has been accented with some diamond Stickles.

The entire image was stamped in Elegant Eggplant and embossed with detail clear EP.

Here is a close up of the bottom of the card.  I colored lightly with chalks, then highlighted with Crystal Effects and painted on diamond Stickles for a snowy appearance. 

You can tell that I need some practice taking pictures, since the cards look better IRL.  I hope that they will be enjoyed!


jimlynn said...

This is so cute and pretty at the same time, Darlene! Love the little poem too - precious.

Barb said...

Such a pretty card Darlene--I can't wait to see them in person!

Melina said...

what a precious card! love it :)

MiamiKel said...

This is bijou-tiful!! Lovely poem and so soft, so subtle yet just dazzling! Great card, Darlene!!

April said...

You have the best I love this! And I do mean it. You open my eyes to so many stamps that I would have overlooked and you make each into such beautiful creations!

paige said...

Ooh, I love D Morgan stamps too! This is a lovely one! Great swap card!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Darlene, your card is awesome! I love that image... peaceful snow-covered town! Gorgeous!!!

Em said...

Hope you Bijou feel happy soon.
Like the moon. And the soft feeling of the card.