Jul 28, 2013

A Summer Afternoon's Exploration

Bijou, Blog Editor here.  About time that I had a post.  My Female is not very good at sharing.

Here's my pet bird, Lou, being unusually quiet and taking a nap in the afternoon (she's an energetic one, constantly curious, drives me nuts).  Budgies just don't have the same decorum that parrots possess.  Guess she finally wore herself out!

So I decided it was time to roam.  Hmmm...no one around...what's that I spy on The Female's recliner?

It's this thing she calls "A Purse".  Some sort of device she carries around so that treasures found while out scavenging can be brought back to the nest.  

She's quite protective of "The Purse" so I am certain that there are good things inside.  Now's my chance!

First, just a taste to see if it's fun to bite.

Yep!  It gives that satisfying little punch when my beak pierces the leather.  This "Zipper" looks like a fun chew toy also.

All right, time to take a look at what she's stashed in here...wonder if there is anything good to eat?  Maybe some sweet potatoes or berries.  Maybe spinach?

HEY!!!!   Is that one of those shiny things that they use to write on paper?   Oh, I love those things, always good to wrestle with...

Drats.  It seems to be stuck in here.  Maybe I can just pull on it hard enough.  Nope, dang thing weighs more than I do.

Maybe I'll just rest here a while.  That pesky Lou won't find me when she wakes up.  A guy can finally have some peace!

Wishing everyone a good weekend.  Me? I'm hoping that The Female won't notice me and I'll get to go on an outting with her.  Looks like she could use some help bringing back useful items to our nest!


Marilyn said...

Such a cute and fun post! Love the pics of him in the purse.

MiamiKel said...

OH my, Darlene, Bijou is just too too cute! What a darling post - his exploration, our smiles :)

jimlynn said...

How FUN!!!!!!!!!!! Bijou is a cutie for sure. Precious!

Carol W said...

OH my goodness...I LOVE this post..I am giggling as I type. I would love to have a Bijou but would need you Darlene to translate for me...He is absolutely FUN and so darn cute. Great post...what a wonderful way to start the week...Hugs, Carol

kiwimeskreations said...

Oh that poor wee budgie, being put down like that - they are such sweet birds, Bijou, so shush - and don't think your female will take you out in her handbag either, you naughty wee fellow ;-)

Darlene said...

He he he, you are so right Maxine! Budgies are super, and Lou is no exception. She keeps at gumpy old Bijou all the time. They are so funny together.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

YAY!!! So good to see a post from Bijou! Love that little feathery guy!

marsha said...

What a cutie, thanks for sharing your photos! I've recently made friends wth a Conure Parrot and he is just adorable!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Dear me- this is so fun! So, have you ever left home with the bird in your purse? That would be a stitch! I love seeing pictures and hearing tales of your birds- put a smile on my face : )

Janet said...

Oh, Bijou & Lou are SO cute!!
Love to see a post from Bijou and love to hear stories / see pictures about what the birds have done!
Bet Bijou can hide!

Gael said...

Love that Bijou! So much fun and darn cute too! ♥

~Paola~ said...

This is an awesome post....I can't keep the smile off my face seeing these pictures too!:o)
I hope to see posts and pictures such as these more frequently...it's been way too long since last!♥
PS: Bijou be good to your Female...she's my sweet friend and I love her too!!!♥