Dec 13, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Dusting off my neglected blog right now...It's been sitting idle for a while now.  Thought that I would share what I've been up to the last several weeks:

These are 5 gift boxes made from glittery DP and decorated with glitter brads and cord ribbon for the closures.
They open up and have two sleeves inside for notecards or loose stationary, etc.

The idea is most definitely not mine!  (being slightly challenged in the fold it and build it department, LOL)  I searched and tried several tutorials from others more talented than I, eventually finding a gem of a tutorial from a blog by Tresa Black: Fabulously Artsy.  Check it out, because it's great!  Thank you to Tresa.

Her tutorial is for smaller boxes, sized for 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 cards.  Scroll down on her page to view the comments if you (like me) typically make the larger sized cards.  There are instructions for re-sizing it for 5X7 sized cards.

Here is a picture of the inside.  This DP was not double sided and not quite as heavy as I would have liked, so lining the inside with heavy cardstock helped IMHO.

These boxes fit exactly into a CD mailing box that you can buy at the Post Office!  They fit as though the box was made for them.  I put each one into a large zip lock baggie, folded the extra baggie around the box and slipped it inside the CD mailing box.  Such a perfect fit that I warned the recipients to cut open the mailing box carefully so that the contents would not get damaged.

We filled them with an assortment of Christmas cards, sympathy, get well, thinking of you and birthday cards.  Depending on the thickness of your cards and envelopes, they will hold 8-12 cards & envies.

We sent these as gifts to family members and hope that they like them!  (My Mom has already called me and was really tickled with it, so that's nice).

I'll be back later to post some of the Christmas cards from this year's production.
Wishing all of you a wonderful day and a joyous holiday season with your family and friends.  Thank you for stopping by.


jimlynn said...

Beautiful as always!!! I love the one you sent me and these would be so pretty for the holidays!

Barb said...

Darlene--these are very cute and I am sure everyone who receives one loves it!

:: BlueInks :: said...

What a great project that you worked on. You created the best little box presents. Your family will love these!!!!

Shelly Schmidt said...

WOW- you have been busy! What a wonderful gift!!! I know I love mine : )

MiamiKel said...

DROOL!!!!!!!!!! You are so unbelievably talented!! You come up with the BEST projects, my friend! I'm in awe!!

Sending you great big hugs, I know you are as swamped as me this time of year and wish I could give you {{{ s }}} in person :)


~Paola~ said...

These are absolutly fabulous Darlene!Wow...U sure have a lot of patience and LOTS of talent too! Gifts from the heart are trhe best! I LOVEEEEEE mine!...once in a while I open my special box,take each card out and 'pet' them...not at all sure I can part with even one of them...that's the horder in I like to keep this 'treasure box' as I call it, whole! THANK YOU muchly!♥