Nov 15, 2012

Dueling Darlings: Planes, Trains & Automobiles!

Remember that movie?  The antics as two men struggle to get home in time for their holiday with their families.  This month our hostesses, Carol and Debbie selected this for our theme.  The Dazzler's hostess, Debbie, was very generous, and sent us two kits!! How great is that?!

Well, another post will show off a card from the other kit, but for the duel this month, when I saw the 57 Chevy was all over.  No way could I not pick this kit for the duel.
Here's the card:
I know, I know, the coloring may not be technically accurate, but here's what I was going for:
In the very early '60's my Dad and Uncle taught my Grandmother (my Dad's Mom) to drive.  Ugh.  I remember everyone being about as happy during this process as we were when he taught my own Mom to drive! (My Mom eventually just went to a driving school).  Ha ha!
Anyway, eventually Grandma passed and got her driver's license.  My Dad and uncles bought her a black Chevy or Ford with HUGE PINK FINS!  It was the most amazing car I had ever seen.  Here's the kicker:  she NEVER drove it.  In fact, I don't think she ever drove once she had her license!

The wheels and headlights are perked up with some Crystal Effects, and "Are we there yet?" is cut out of the adorable DP that Debbie sent, mounted on a little Balsa wood oval that was colored with my markers.  Then it was also glazed with Crystal Effects and popped up with dimensional dots. (Creating the big shadow on my image in this picture)
My father's 81st birthday is this week so this card along with another card is on it's way to him on the West Coast.

As part of this challenge we were asked to share any memory of traveling during the holidays.  Well, one year in particular stands out.  My family lives in western Washington state, and I went to college on the eastern part of the state, near Idaho.  If you aren't familiar with the area, the Cascade Mountain range, and Mt. Rainier are right between the two regions.

One year in the mid-70's all the college kids got stuck on the mountain pass due to avalanche control.  Hundreds of kids set off to return to school after the holiday, expecting a 5-7 hour commute, depending on the weather and pass conditions.  What we got was a 24 hr or more commute!  It was a mess.  Cold, hungry, people running out of gas, etc.  But you know college kids - everything is an adventure and suddenly all of these complete strangers are all best friends.

Well, I've occupied enough of your time!  Get on over to all of the other Divas & Dazzlers blogs and see what they have made for this duel.  Links are on my side bar and thanks for stopping by!


April said...

Great stories! I bet getting stuck in the pass was a ton of fun....and knowing you, you'd have a blast if it happened today!

I love your card.....was a great kit! I thought your shadow was actually a piece of black CS used to make a shadow to mimic the dp ...lmbo!

Barb said...

I love your card--I have that stamp and have used it a few times. My brother had that car too-but not the pink fins!

Your card is sweet--love all of the details you added. Your coloring rocks! Way to go!

Love the mountain story-everyone probably was very helpful too!

MiamiKel said...

Holy cardmaking, Batman - this is amazing!!! What detail and festive colors! Super cute design - you definitely put the creative touches on your card and made it your own :) This is fabulous, D!

*Blessings to you, Dueling Darlin!*

Melina said...

Oh this is cute. Thank you for being a part of the group Darlene and thank you for sharing your holiday adventure :)

kadie said...

Hi Darlene! I'm so excited to be joining you ladies in the Dueling Darlings!
You card is so cool! What a great tribute to your Grandma and all that work to get her license...and then not to drive this beauty, alas. :) Wonderful card, Darlene! HUGS

jimlynn said...

Amazing, fantastic, and anything else you can say!!! I LOVE THIS! Great sentiment, background, and ah....the car!!! Brings back so many memories! My high school sweetheart had a red '57 Chevy....and I'm still not sure if I loved him or the car more!

Judy McMullen said...

Super card! Super story! Darlene, they both bring back such memories for me. I will remember this model of chevy...I can probably name year and make of any car of the 50s, current models not so much! Love how you colored this fun image and the papers you used...what a fantastic kit! I grew up in WA so I can relate to your travel story.

Terry Ladwig said...

Love it Darlene and I am glad you used the other kit! I had a hard time deciding which to use for mine!

Your story reminds me of one of my own....very similar except we were stuck on the highway due to an accident. I wanted to keep my windows clear and eventually ran out of washer gas station and couldn't see so I improvised and had to use grape soda.....smelled good but froze after the car sat overnight!! Hehehe.

Great job!!!!

~Paola~ said...

woot used the classic car image!!! yeahh so glad someone did...eheh...I was torn but went with my love for flying long as I am a *wink*
LOVEEE the colors of your imageand what a great tribute to your Granma too!...great idea of the two detached d/p sure makes yourbeautifu car image pop!...sooo well done Darlene and with a great story to boot too!♥ TFS! xox

Carol W said...

Oh my goodness your card...and what a great story to boot...I love your color scheme, and layout...What a story about getting home as in the world did you get gas to get home???? Yikes..sounds like it could've been fun but very cold....Take care my sweet friend...Hugs...♥

:: BlueInks :: said...

Balsa wood?! You are amazing!!! This card turned out perfect. I love the image and how you incorporated all of the elements of the kit, Darlene.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Oh Darlene! I love love love your card! That car and the way you did the sentiment, etc. PERFECT!!!

I also loved hearing about your grandmother - working to get her license and having a gorgeous car to drive and never driving again. I had to geeeegle!

And then to read of your newfound college friends in the adventure of an avalanche! WOW! What a holiday memory.

dweatter said...

Love the colors of the car! Great story about Grandma learning to drive. I would have driven that car everywhere...I love pink anything! Great idea to put the words from the DP on the balsa ovals.

Jacquel said...

Your card is so cool & I love how you colored the car! TFS!!!

Laura Jean (LJ) said...

Oh Oh I Love this card! :) Definitely in love with the DP (I think I have a sheet SOMEWHERE) and the 57 Chevy image is wonderfully colored!