Sep 28, 2012

So. Here's the Deal;

If you are looking for a card, move on.  This is Bijou the Bog Editor here.  My Female Pet is acting out.

She received something termed a "phone call" on Monday and she's been in a funk ever since.  I don't know what an "Aunt" and an "Uncle" are, but they are important to her.  And they live in somewhere far away called "Sacramento".  Anyway, it made her sad because it's a tough stage of life right now, when facing the end.

But then The Female found a post by her companion on SCS called "Paige".  It seems that loads of humans are posting on an "Amazon" site (what exactly is that anyway?) and submitting reviews on  some pens that are supposedly marketed specifically to women.

Well, thanks to Paige, my Female has been in a good mood and giggling all day.   Hmpf.  What's an editor supposed to do?  How can I possibly whip her into shape and meet my deadlines if she's all happy and "feelin' good" (how do you feel good without oat groats, sweet potatoes and safflower seeds anyway?)  
Seriously, check this out:
Read the reviews.  Just don't drink anything while you are reading.  You may choke on your coffee like my Female did.  Nearly woke the whole house up in the wee hours.  Hmmmph.  


:: BlueInks :: said...

Oh, Bijou!!!!

~Paola~ said...

Dear love bird editor, aka Bijou,
your post sure made me giggleeee....I know exactly what you are talking about since a friend forwarded the same site you mentioned above...
Yes it is totally hilarious and I must say that,in this case, I am siding with your wonderful hman
Please make sure to give her a
peck on her cheek for me next time she's hanging around in your editor's office.
I am so glad she found her smile
amongst some sad news...
*Live*Love*Laugh* ♥

MiamiKel said...



Liz said...

Bijou, TFS of course I didn't listen to the not drinking when going to this site and I of course dirty my computer screen with some ice coffee, shame on me next time I will listen to you since you know what your talking about, I must get some of these so I too can do more on my own :)
Give your caretaker a Big Hug from me too and let her know I'm so glad the two of you are a part COF I see many great post from the two of you
Liz D

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Tee Hee! Thanks for a fun post and a great link, Bijou! I loved it!

Please give your female pet a snuggly hug from me and let her know she (and her aunt and uncle) are in my thoughts/prayers!

Carol W said...

Oh my goodness...glad you warned me about drinking anything while I was reading...too funny...thanks for sharing. Fun post rock Bijou....(and your female pet is amazing as well ♥♥♥).

Shelly Schmidt said...

Fun link- (hehehe I linked it on my Facebook page)... and if your editor takes dictation, send him/her over!